Hemp Resources is an ecologically and environmentally focussed company committed to developing a sustainable, global business with a truly “green” emphasis.

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Hemp Resources has secured, through an exclusive world wide licence Agreement, the intellectual property rights to a patented hemp paper manufacturing technology and paper mill design. This technology is capable of producing a wide range of paper including an economical office copy/printer paper. This unique and innovative Chinese technology is able to produce environmentally friendly (chlorine free bleaching process) whole stem hemp paper.

Hemp Resources is already in discussions with local and state government officials investigating the feasibility of support in constructing hemp paper mills and processing plants, based on this innovative process, in Western Australia.

Hemp Resources has been one of the prime movers responsible for bringing about the Western Australian “Industrial Hemp Bill – 2003” legislation, having strongly lobbied a number of Western Australian Governments over several years, and thus enabling a viable hemp industry to be established in Western Australia.

The Company has to date set up subsidiaries in the U.S.A. and China. These subsidiaries are Hemp Resources (U.S.A.) Limited and Hemp Resources (China) Limited. The Company is now planning to establish subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Africa and India. In the longer term, the Company intends to establish its hemp paper manufacturing mills in these subsidiary countries.

Hemp paper is the most environmentally friendly processed paper available and through its exclusive worldwide rights to the Chinese patented manufacturing process, Hemp Resources has the ability to produce chlorine free environmentally friendly whole stem hemp paper. The Company intends to produce 100% hemp paper and hemp blend paper in Western Australia as soon as commercial growing areas are realised and the company’s paper mills constructed. Construction and commissioning of a commercially viable 7,000 tonne per annum mill is expected to take approximately 18-24 months.

As well as developing and operating its own hemp paper mills, the Company intends to establish franchised retail shops throughout Australia to sell its paper and other value added products to the retail customers. To support its retail operation, the Company will source local and imported raw materials as well as value added products and sell them locally, as well as exporting those material and products to which Hemp Resources has added value.

The Company has already developed a range of environmentally friendly personal care products using hemp seed oil and Australian essential oils in botanical bases. The Company is currently developing local and export markets for these products. Hemp Resources has also secured from China a superb line of fabrics, ranging from hemp/silk satin blends to hemp canvas.

The Company is working toward establishing export markets and wholesale/retail distribution centres in Portland, Oregon in the U.S.A. and negotiations are well advanced for wholesale and retail distribution and sales in Canada and New Zealand. Exclusive rights to the Company’s paper and other products, brand names and services in these and other territories will be transferred to Hemp Resources’ subsidiary companies.

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